Life happens, and we get it.... however, in order to respect our provider’s time, we have a strict cancellation policy. We ask that you cancel at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment to avoid paying the full amount for the treatment! / +1 (720) 987-1200



Running Late? Hit Traffic? Can’t find parking? Here is a tip; traffic is almost always bad in LA so just anticipate that. There is the option of parking in the garage below our building (entrance on Almont) if you can’t find street parking. If you do find yourself running late, please give your service provider a call ASAP. Chances are if you are only 5 to 10 minutes late we can do our best (no promises) to accommodate you. If you are more than 10 minutes late, you can either choose to pay the cancellation fee and reschedule for another time to receive your full service, or you can get to us as quickly and safely as possible and we’ll do our best to make sure you get as much of your service done as possible. Just be aware it will be most likely be shortened and you will still be responsible for the entire price of the service.


Again, if you are running late or need to reschedule an existing appointment, please contact your service provider directly: / +1 (310) 430-3396 / +1 (213) 841-1270 / +1 (310) 409-8481 / +1 (818) 703-3952
Jacqueline:  +1 (323) 366-7772
Emma: / +1 (714) 604-9348
Lydia: / +1 (734) 358-2549
Benson:  +1 (310) 407-9955