Founders, Madison De Clercq & Leslie Kritzer

Founders, Madison De Clercq & Leslie Kritzer

Leslie Kritzer is a clinically trained esthetician. She is a true beauty visionary, always looking ahead of the curve to see what is possible in the world of scientific and holistic skincare. Her innovative + out of the box approach, makes her a one of a kind in the industry; it's no wonder her clients are hooked.

Madison De Clercq is a clinically-trained esthetician and is one of the most sought-after lash experts in the country. Her balance of skin and lash makes her a gem in today's beauty-conscious world, attracting a long list of clientele eager to sit in her chair. With a natural eye for aesthetics and a zeal for holistic well-being, Madison changes the game in new beauty regimen.


Debbie Bernheim is an accomplished esthetician with 10 years of clinical dermatology. Having worked for 2 renowned dermatologists, Debbie comes to Skin Worship with extensive knowledge and experience. Her nurturing approach to addressing the needs of each client is what makes Debbie a skincare superstar. She specializes in a broad range of advanced modalities including dermaplaning, skin needling, chemical peels, extractions, and LED light therapy to name a few. The cherry on top is her passion for essential oils and how their vibrational energy aids in the healing of our mind, body and spirit.


Master Holistic Esthetician of 15 years, Emma Goodman has an extensive education in a variety healing modalities such as Chakra Balancing, Cranial Sacral Therapy, and other mind and body certifications such as Yoga and Health Coaching. Her passion for both healing and skincare led her to develop unique protocols both topically and internally to treat many skin conditions.  Unwind and relax with her healing touch, calming presence, as you float away with radiant, beautiful skin. She is a also a skilled body art practitioner and offers Micro-blading and lash lifting, perfect for that low-maintenance, fresh look.


Andrea Amez is not just an esthetician, she is a healer with hands of gold. Trained at the Aveda Institute Los Angeles, Andrea combines both a scientific and holistic approach in her treatments. Andrea firmly believes that with the power of intention we can become our best selves both internally and externally. BONUS: she is certified in Cranial Sacral Therapy.  Andrea creates a safe space for those who seek self-care with a touch of glamour. Her work as a green beauty makeup artist has been featured in L’uomo Vogue and Purple Fashion Magazine.


Jessi Heinze is a holistic esthetician and Certified Functional Medicine Coach with roots in integrative health. She offers a comprehensive, whole-body approach to skincare by looking at the full spectrum of health in relation to the skin: everything from diet to emotions. Jessi specializes in the magic of microcurrent and is certified in Gua Sha Fusion therapy. Self-compassion, lymphatic flow, and the whole-person perspective are the foundation of Jessi's transformative practice.


Leah Avigdori is an experienced and passionate esthetician, with over 15 years experience in holistic and medical modalities. She lives to help others reveal beauty and balance through an integrated approach to skin care. Her unique training in skincare, massage therapy, reflexology, cranial-sacral therapy, and holistic nutrition, culminate to further enhance her skin healing treatments. Let Leah’s healing hands and calming energy transform your mind, body and spirit.


Jackie Park is an expert in Korean beauty and skincare, specializing in The Korean Contouring Facial with lymphatic drainage massage. Her results driven technique sculpts and lifts the face while also delivering a radiant glow others would kill for. Jackie's commitment to making her clients look their best is part of a legacy that was handed down to her from a legendary master energy healer and esthetician from Korea. Jackie is proficient in all skin types and believes that inflammation and the accumulation of toxins is the cause of all skin problems including aging skin. Her technique stimulates blood flow and the release of toxins, leaving the skin healthy, radiant, and toned.


At age 15, Ile Bailey entered the beauty industry as a makeup artist and instantly fell in love with the art of enhancing a person’s natural beauty and sparking their confidence. This inspired her to help people look and feel their best on a deeper level. Skincare soon became her passion, and now after almost a decade of being a licensed esthetician, Ile truly values her time spent with each client. Whether healing acne or creating a vibrant glow, her experience working with a variety of skin types and ethnicities has her well groomed to help you achieve all your healthy skin goals.


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Benson Simmonds

Master energy healer Benson Simmonds has been working effectively with clients for over 17 years. He apprenticed for years with renowned Israeli energy healer, kabbalist Rabbi Bar Ami. Bentzion integrates divine energy healing using specific combinations of Hebrew letters, the tree of life and the chakras. He is also the author of SOULAR POWER - Unlocking the Eight Gates to Joy and Abundance. 

About the Energy Healing

Within minutes clients feel a deep sense of relaxation, well-being, calm, and rejuvenation, or what Benson refers to as your soular power [the healing power of your soul connection].  By sending energy through his hands to all of the major chakra points,  Benson's clients experience relief from stress, headaches, body aches and chronic symptoms. As Benson is also a gifted psychic, clients can ask questions and receive divinely guided wisdom to improve/attract relationships abundance, and peace of mind.