Leslie Kritzer is a clinically-trained esthetician with advanced education in Paramedical Esthetics. She is a true beauty visionary, always looking ahead of the curve to see what is possible in the world of scientific skincare. Her innovative approach makes her one of a kind in the beauty industry; it is no wonder why her clients are hooked.

Madison De Clercq is a clinically-trained esthetician and is one of the most sought-after lash experts in the country. Her balance of skin and lash makes her a gem in today's beauty-conscious world, attracting a long list of clientele eager to sit in her chair. With a natural eye for aesthetics and a zeal for holistic well-being, Madison changes the game in new beauty regimen.


Holly Putman is the girl you want to hang with. A skilled esthetician with a down-to- earth personality, Holly has worked for some of the most exclusive medi-spas in Beverly Hills and Calabasas. We love her for always going the extra mile when it comes to making her clients feel comfortable and well-taken care of.

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Benson Simmonds

Master energy healer Benson Simmonds has been working effectively with clients for over 17 years. He apprenticed for years with renowned Israeli energy healer, kabbalist Rabbi Bar Ami. Bentzion integrates divine energy healing using specific combinations of Hebrew letters, the tree of life and the chakras. He is also the author of SOULAR POWER - Unlocking the Eight Gates to Joy and Abundance. 

About the Energy Healing

Within minutes clients feel a deep sense of relaxation, well-being, calm, and rejuvenation, or what Benson refers to as your soular power [the healing power of your soul connection].  By sending energy through his hands to all of the major chakra points,  Benson's clients experience relief from stress, headaches, body aches and chronic symptoms. As Benson is also a gifted psychic, clients can ask questions and receive divinely guided wisdom to improve/attract relationships abundance, and peace of mind.


Ky Primo
Certified Muscle Therapist
CAMTC Licensed and Insured

Ky specializes in a refined fingertip Cross Fiber Muscle Release technique that efficiently break up muscle spasms and deep fascial adhesions that cause discomfort and pain in the body. 

It can assist in conditions diagnosed as arthritis, sciatica, bone spurs, pinched nerve, herniated discs, strains, sprains etc.  In addition, it can help alleviate symptoms from digestive disorders, migraines, PMS, stress, fibromyalgia and more. 


Raquel Griffin is a holistic healer who is passionate about providing a healing and nurturing experience where clients can re-wire, reboot and restore back to their authentic self.  Raquel's healing method fuses numerous vibration-based healing technologies such as Reiki, crystal soul mapping/entrainment, sound healing and vibrational nutrition. The goal is to empower each client with personalized tools to support them in their daily lives.